Literacy CPD workshops at BGA

On the 28th April BGA held a CPD workshop, Sharing good practice and resources for speaking, listening and improving writing. There are a range of activities and workshops led by the Key to Integration project Consultant, Michael Hawkins.

Part of the event involved a ‘video market’ where each faculty shared the literacy strategies and resources used in lessons.

Feedback was very positive. One teacher said “the resources were useful because the format allows students to formulate their ideas logically in writing and speaking. They will help help to transfer literacy and numeracy from one area to the other”

A visiting teacher said, “They made me think about teaching from a different angle and gave me tools and ideas to use. Also having the opportunity to speak with teachers about successes, challenges and techniques used made it real and relevant”.

Faculty Dissemination Workshops

Teachers from the Science, Humanities and Creative Technologies faculties are currently working with Alice Washbourne to develop resources for Global Literacy Networks.

They will be participating in Faculty Dissemination Workshops: presentation of resources, literacy strategies, discussion and feedback on the following dates:

  • 8th July – Business/Creative Technologies  and Science at 4.00pm – 5.30pm
  • 10th July – Humanities – 4.00pm – 5.30pm

English: Key to Integration in London

Would like to / We are thrilled to invite you to a workshop on:
Aim: To strengthen the skills of qualified and trainee teachers to develop the literacy and academic English language of non-EU EAL pupils.

  • Literacy in Science:  8 July 2014 (BGA)
  • Literacy in Humanities: 10 July 2014 (BGA)
  • Literacy in Creative Technologies / Business: 8 July 2014

In the workshop you will see some of the innovative language development work carried out at BGA this term and the impact it had on teachers, EAL and all students involved.
The workshop will be led by consultants Alice Washbourne, Michael Hawkins and our dedicated literacy Champions Joni Rogan, Sarah Elizabeth Smith, Jeremy Charles Whipp, Sevda Halavurt, Cari Tuhey.
Please confirm your attendance to the Project Manager at More details: